April 2015 :: Recap

Well not only did April bring the rains down here in Alabama, it brought the GAINS as well! Here's a look at the breakdown.

Option Spreads/Selling to Open Options - $257

Directional Option Trades - $190

Stocks - $14.19

TOTAL April Gains = $461.19

2015 YTD (As of 4/30) Profit/Loss - $681.34, a 6.81% YTD Net Gain

Now lets take a trade by trade look, starting with my directional option trades. This month I had 25 winners, 18 losers and 6 position are still open.

Now lets check out my stock trades. This month I had 27 winners, 24 losers and 2 positions are currently open. Unfortunately I let one loser get away from me and it cost me big time. I lost nearly $300 in KSS. That's all it takes folks, ONE LOSER to ruin an entire month. So instead of being up more than $300 this month, I made a measly $14.