March wrap-up

I got beat up pretty good last month, losing a total of $889.35 in March. 


There were a few bright spots... Starting with the fact that $600 of those losses came on one single trade I put on back in December - an ESV put spread. At that time I didn’t care about risk management. So actually this month’s performance isn’t completely reflective of my current strategies and trading plan. 

Another positive is I was able to keep 95% of my losses very manageable... a good thing considering I had A LOT ‘em this month. Honestly though, only one loss (other than the ESV put) really got away from me and that was a trade in RGLS. It cost me more than $250. So you see, if I could take back just TWO of my MANY MANY losers this month I would have actually been profitable! TWO trades people! This why risk management and stop losses are of UTMOST importance for a trader!

And the final positive I took away from last month were my directional option trades. If it weren’t for the gains generated by these plays then my March would have been a DISASTER!! 

For a look at every trade I put on in March, click HERE!


Final March Totals

Options - ($791.55)

Directional Option Trades - $673 :: 25 winners, 18 losers, 1 B/E

Stocks - ($770.80) :: 11 winners, 15 losers

Dividends - $0

TOTAL = ($889.35)

2015 YTD (As of 3/31) Profit/Loss - $220.15 (2.2% YTD Return)