3/5 trade update :: the losses continue

It's been a rough start to the month. I've taken 5 losses, one push and only picked up one quality win. 

Yesterday I bought ABBV... last night ABBV decided to buy some company and today I got stopped out for a larger than expected loss. The stock gapped down causing me to sell at 57.39... well under my stop of 58.95.

I also opened 5 new trades today... ADT, AKRX, ADP, CRM and CUDA. As you can see, my AKRX trade never got off the ground. I was stopped out an hour later.

I did book my best win of the month by closing out my RDN trade. I really wanted to ride it closer to the 16.75-17 range, but honestly... I needed a win so I took it. I'm sure RDN will be up above $17 tomorrow!

Now to my option plays... I've got 2 TWTR naked puts that expire tomorrow, a $46.50 and a $49.50. I believe the $46.50 will be fine, but I'll more than likely have to roll-out, or take a loss in the $49.50 strike. I was just too aggressive when I set this play up last week.