Options Trading Update

It's been a tough month trading stocks. I've had just 8 winners against 14 losers... and let me tell you, those winners weren't all that impressive. I've also run into some hard times selling options this month. I had an old ESV put spread expire in the money for a max loss. Plus I got smacked pretty good trying to sell naked puts in MO, KO and even FB. Yes, I showed up a week too soon in FB.

BUT... I have had some amazing success trading options directionally. In fact I've made more option trades this month than I have in nearly 3 years! Get this folks, I'm 12-1! That's right, 12 winners against 1 loser!!

Why you ask?

WallStJe$us. PERIOD!

Guys and gals, if you like making money then he is a MUST FOLLOW. Recently WSJ hooked up with Sang Lucci and together they trade in Lucci's private chat room along with many other folks. Monday I joined the room on a 14-day trial basis. When it's up, I'll gladly pay $120 monthly fee.

So check out my trades. Green highlighted boxes represent profitable trades, blue boxes VERY profitable trades (100% or more) white boxes = open trades, etc... you get the picture.

Bottom line is this... I'm a small-timer practicing and learning this craft. There WILL be a time when I trade bigger size. I also want to learn to spot these trades myself! You know the saying... teach a man to fish over giving him a fish! 

I think I've found the right place to learn!