Lovin' some AXP today

My only regret is that I didn't buy more!

Two days ago, thanks to an alert from WallStJe$us, I bought a March 27 (w) AXP $80 call. I played it very small, only buying one contract for $114. (Look I get that that's ridiculous, but I'm still gun-shy after nearly BLOWING up my account trying to trade options directionally.)

Anyway... last night AXP announced a dividend increase and a HUGE stock buyback. Today the stock took off as a result. Now, the disadvantage of only playing one contract is that you can't scale out of your position. I sold it today for a 110% gain! But... since I believe this is the beginning of a larger move up... I bought 2 April $85 calls for .74 a piece. Again, it's a small play, but with two contracts I can scale out. I'll probably sell one at a double and let the other run.