Busy Friday

Lets get right into it...

1) I'm going to get my TWTR shares called this weekend. I sold to open the weekly $43 call a couple days ago. That transaction is going to result in a $195 gain after my $5 exercise fee.

2) I started two new positions... one in CLDX and the other in AGEN.

3) I tried to get something going in two others - ATHN and OVAS - however I got stopped out of both for losses.

4) The trailing stop on the 2nd half of my WMB position got tripped, completing a profitable swing trade I opened a week ago today.

5) And lastly I went short MU @ 29.10.  

As for my option plays today... My TWTR weekly $43 call will be exercised this weekend. I sold to open that option for $112 on Tuesday. I'm also going to get to keep the full premium on the TWTR weekly $38.50 put I sold to open yesterday. That option expired worthless today.

So far this month I'm up $230.22, a 2.3% return on my $10,000 portfolio.