Tuesday trades

I had quite a busy day... here's a look starting with my directional option trades.

As you can see I took some hits today. My stop got tripped in my QQQ put. I also got out of my TWTR March call for a loss. However, a 27% loss is much better than a 60% loss - which is what I was looking at just a few days ago. I've got way too much exposure in this name (200 shares of common @ $41.07) so I need to make some adjustments going into the ER.

And that leads me to my next play of the day...

I sold to open a $43 covered call. If the stock pops on Friday I'll get out at $43, booking a $193 gain PLUS I'll get to keep my full $112 premium. If not, then I've still got the stock AND the full premium. 

I've got another lot of 100 shares I may sell a call against, but I'm not sure yet. Just depends on what the stock does as we move into Thursday afternoon. I'd sure like to keep a 100 free in case this baby jumps 20%.

Alright next up are my stock trades...

I closed out half my position in WMB this afternoon when it hit it's 50 day moving average. I'm letting the other half run with my stop right under today's low at $44.80. Next, I opened a position in MBLY with a stop at $36.75.

Lastly I closed out half my March T 33/32 put spread, capturing $125 of the available $220 credit. I've still got 5 contracts on the trade. Right now I'm letting it ride as it seems T is breaking out above $34. Now that I've taken some of the profit off the table I'm going to try and hold until March expiration so I can collect the FULL $220 credit remaining in the trade.