A fabulous finish


A great month comes to an end today. Later this weekend I'll bring you all the details of my highly profitable February (more than a 7% return)!

But for now... let me tell you about my day.

WBA paid me well this week! I got in Monday at $78.40 and sold half this morning at $82.92 and the rest this afternoon at $83.29. That's a 6% return in 5 days!

In addition, I opened two new trades today... one in SNDK and the other in NKTR.

And finally, I got stopped out of LOGI and KING - both pretty much at break-even.

Here's a look at my stop placements::

RDN - $15.65

NKTR - $12.70

SNDK - $78.45

KN - $19

FNSR - $20.50

IRM - $35.80