Thursday (2/26) Update

Today I closed out my TWTR $47 weekly put play. As you can see in the table below I sold to open this position last week for a $63 credit. I bought it in today for $6, booking a $52 profit!

Moments later I turned around and sold to open the March weekly $49.50 put for a $101 credit.

Now someone asked me yesterday on Stocktwits if this strategy was really worth it considering the limited upside. It's a fair question, but I'd say take a look at my performance over the last three weeks. I've made $245 selling naked puts - which is about 2.5% of my total account value! (I started the year with a $10,000 portfolio.) Imagine if I can do that each month for a year... we're talking about more than a 25% return! 

Lets move on to my stock trades...

I got stopped out of EOG, BK and GPRO today. The losses were minimal as you can see in the table below.

I also opened a new trade in IRM.

As for my current positions... I moved up stops in RDN (15.60), LOGI (14.80), KN (19), FNSR (20.50), and WBA (79.60).

I'm holding KING the same at 15.70.