Closed out a great winner

Today I closed out the second half of my AGEN position for a 13% gain! I got in this stock back on 2/6 and sold the 1st half last week for an 11% gain. Take a look for yourself below.

Moving on to the other trades I set up today (highlighted in BLUE) - GPRO and EOG. I bought 25 shares of EOG this morning... my stop is 91.25. I'm looking for a move to the $96 range. Then this afternoon I bought some GPRO just before the end of day pop! My stop is $43.50 and my first target is around $47.50.

Next up FB - Today I bought to close my $77.50 naked put booking a $41 profit!

Now here's a look at the stop placement for my open stock trades. The number in parenthesis represents total amount at risk... including commissions.

WBA - $78.20 ($13)

BK - $39.40 ($17)

KING - $15.70 ($47)

KN - $18.95 ($62)

FNSR - $20.45 ($46)

RDN - $15.50 ($43)

LOGI - $14.55 ($36)