Stopped out Tuesday

I started the day by getting stopped out of three trades, AAL, HOT and JRJC.

AAL was especially frustrating because I was THIS close to selling yesterday above $52. BUT... I'm working on staying in trades and not taking profits too soon. Hey, sometimes they run, sometimes they don't... and this one didn't. In fact, AAL got downgraded and gapped BELOW my stop of $50.90. I sold at $50.02 for a small loss.

I took a larger loss in JRJC and basically broke even in HOT.

I opened new positions in BK and RDN. I've got a stop in BK at $39 and RDN at $15.50. 

I moved up my stops in AGEN (5.40), KN (18.50) and WBA (78.20). 

I'm keeping my stops the same in KING (15.65), FNSR (19.97) and LOGI (14.55).

For a list of all my open positions, winners and current P&L stats... click HERE