Booking gains, taking losses and tripping stops

Oh yeah... and I also opened 3 new positions! It's been one helluva busy Friday, so lets dive right in!

Starting with my option plays...

SMH - I closed out my two puts in this trade for a $106 loss. She just hasn't danced for me, and I can't let it run against me anymore.

Sticking with options... My MU credit put spread expired worthless today. I put this trade on back in Mid-January when MU was trading below $29. By setting it up in the money I was able to collect a NICE premium. Two contracts paid me $102 AFTER commissions.

I also closed out my March T credit put spread. I originally got in the trade in December when T was trading in the mid-32's. I played 10 contracts... 5 of which I closed out back on the 3rd of this month. Today I closed the remaining 5. Overall I booked a $235 gain!

Now to my stocks trades... today I got stopped out of BRKR at break-even, CLDX for a nice 8% gain and SO for a small loss. 

I also put on three new trades - HOT, AAL and KN.

I took half my RHT position off the table at $70.05. I'm letting the rest run with a stop at today's low, $69.10. I also moved up my stops in AGEN (5.13) and FNSR (20.45).