New option positions

Today I sold to open a weekly $77.50 FB put, collecting a $52 credit. I fully expect this option to expire worthless next Friday. Facebook has had a TON of bullish call option activity over the last few days. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see it make new highs next week.

Another name that got a bunch of bullish option activity today was KO... I opened up an April 42/41 put spread. I played 2 contracts and picked up an $84 credit. My max loss in this play is $106 - which is less than 1% of my current portfolio.

As for my stock trades... I sold half of my AGEN position this morning for an 11% return. I'm letting the other half run with a stop just under today's low at $5.11.

  This morning I got stopped out of MBLY for a 3.5% loss.