Stopped out, moving stops & new trades

Today I got stopped out of BABA and SPLK. As you can see in my chart below... I made a few bucks.

However, the frustrating part is that I didn't respect my stop loss placement in SPLK. Generally, I like to do a "one-bar trailing stop". For example, last Friday, SPLK's low of the day was $62. So that means I would need to put my stop in a few pennies underneath that. Instead, I put a stop in at $62.65 - obviously that got triggered today. In fact, the low of today was $62.50. Which means... if I had stuck to my plan, I'd still be in the trade.

I mismanaged my system and it'll probably cost me as SPLK rebounded nicely and looks to move higher. So yes, overall this trade was a winner, BUT I may have severely limited my upside because of poor stop placement. I've learned in this game you MUST get the most out of your winners, while cutting your losers short!

And speaking of stop placement... I moved up stops in AGEN (4.97), CLDX (20.95), BRKR (18.40), and RHT (67.83).  

I also got in three new trades today (stops in parenthesis)... MBLY (35.50), FNSR (19.95) and NOAH (21.40).