Update on latest trades

Alright, so I lied... but just a little bit. A couple posts ago I said I was taking a "pause" - and I have. But there were a few things I wanted to put in place before I left the country, trades that didn't require a whole lot of babysitting.

So let me give you the run down...

TWTR - Back on September 15th, when TWTR dipped WAY down on that Monday before the BABA IPO - I scooped up 50 shares at 48.50. So I'm currently holding those. Also yesterday I bought to open a Jan $50 call. Although I don't trade options directionally very much, I have however found a comfort in deep ITM longer dated calls. When I started out I was buying WAY out of the money options that expired within a month. Yeah, that rarely worked out for me! 

The bottom line is I believe TWTR is poised to break-out over 53.65 at some point. My targets are $56 and $60. 

ESV - OK, so this drilling company is DRILLING ME! Sadly I put this play on right before this MASSIVE drop. I'm definitely losing money here folks. I'm in an October 48/47 put spread, AND a December 46/45 put spread. Very unfortunately for me I played more contracts than I normally do. I'm screwed for October, but I believe December still has a shot. ESV is a best in breed company, but the sector sucks. 

I've hitched myself to the wrong wagon on this play FOR SURE!

AFL - I got in this October 60/57.50 put spread back on the 17th. I'm playing it for a bounce that has yet to come. I put the trade on when AFL was trading around 58.65. My target to close the spread is around $61.

DDD - Man I got lucky here folks. I bought a 100 shares a couple days ago right at 47.74... minutes later it POPPED up to 49.56. I sold and made a nice little gain in literally 7 minutes. DDD jumped that day on the unexpected deal with GM. I got very fortunate and took what the market gave me. 

WFM - I added more shares yesterday around 37.59, which gives me 300 total. This is my long-term swing play. Additionally I bought to open a January $35 call for $418.

GM - Today I put on a December 33/32 put spread, collecting a $420 credit on 10 contracts. The $33 level is a great support, and regardless what happens in the short-term I believe GM will be ABOVE $33 come December.

So there you have it... you are fully updated. For more details on these positions and my YTD performance, click here. Also I get a lot wrong too... you can read up on my losers as well by clicking HERE!