Closed TWTR call

This morning I sold my TWTR November $40 call. I opened this position while the stock was trading around $45. I closed it today with TWTR right at $51.20.

I booked a $485 profit... a 67% return on my original $725 investment.

Alright folks, so let me give y'all a little insight into my thinking when I originally opened this play back on August 21st.... or maybe a comparison. Lets look at using deep ITM calls vs. common stock. You see, I was seriously considering going long the stock at $45, but I just didn't want to tie up that much cash - instead I bought one deep in the money call.

Let's compare the two approaches...

1) Long 100 shares of TWTR @ $45 - This play would have made more money assuming I sold at $51.20 ($620), but it would have tied up more capital. So my percentage return would have been much lower... 13.78%

2) Long Nov $40 call, 1 contract for $725 - I made less profit, $485, but I used WAY less capital and returned a MUCH better percentage... 67%. 

Which strategy is better? I guess that depends on your investment/trading objectives. In this case the deep ITM call worked out great. My only issue is if the trade goes against you - with stock you can wait it out, with options not so much since they have an expiration date. 

What about you guys? How do y'all like to play it?