QQQ loss... time for a pause

This morning I closed out my QQQ Sept 96.63/97.63 credit call spread. This play originally started out as an August 95/96 call spread that I had set up in July. I collected a $500 credit at that time, and a couple weeks later I had the chance to book half of that for a profit. 

But I didn't... and the spread ended up in the money at expiration, so I rolled it in to September. Well, what was once a profitable trade cost me $860 today! 

In addition to that crap, I'm sitting here watching DE, XOM and WFM all reverse and head higher. The last few trading days I closed out all three for a total of $800 in losses. Had I stayed put, not only would I have saved my $800 in losses, but I would have made $400 in profits! So that's a $1,200 swing!

Folks, I'm going to have to take a pause.

I've got WAY too many botched trades dancing in my head pestering the shit out of me. I'm heading overseas in a couple weeks and truthfully it couldn't have come at a better time. I need to step back before I hand over all my 2014 gains!