August wrap-up

My goals are simple. I want to grow my $20,000 account by 1 to 2 percent each month! Which means basically I'm looking to make $200 to $400 per month. Here's how my year has gone so far.

January :: $1,681.55

February :: $620.10

March :: $202.20

April :: $1

May :: $510.05

June :: ($684.34)

July :: $1,374.42

and here's my breakdown of August...

Options - $325

Directional Option Trades - $0

Stocks - $0

Dividends - $0

Total gain in August = $325

Total YTD Realized Gains - $4,029.98 (Up 20.15% on the original $20,000 principal)

My August profit target was somewhere between $237 and $475. I came in the mid-range of that goal. For the month, I increased my current account value by 1.37%. Finally, YTD I'm tracking 17% ABOVE the upper range of my 1 to 2 percent target. At this point in the year my goal was to be up anywhere from $1,657.32 to $3,433.17. I'm sitting at $4,029.98!

I'm very encouraged by my returns this year, BUT September is going to be tricky as I have a potential $950 loss staring me in the face with my QQQ bear call spread. I've also got some outsized risk/reward spreads that I rolled out this month in to November. The bottom line is I've got some potentially dangerous positions that could seriously threaten my YTD returns. Click here to see all my open positions. 

For all you folks out there finding this blog for the time, I'm the Option Rider. I play with a wide open hand, for better or for worse! Please feel free to look through my open positions, my winners, AND my losers. Any advice, thoughts, comments or helpful tips are welcomed at

I'm just a regular guy who has had a little success as an option trader looking to get better!