Closing WFM put spread, buying AAPL calls

Well I took a loss today in my WFM put spread. I set up a July 39/38 credit put spread back on June 23rd. I was betting that we had found a near-term bottom around $38.52 and I was playing for a bounce to $40, maybe the $41 range.

I was wrong... well sort of.

The stock may still bounce and end up above $39 by next Friday, but I just can't take that chance. Today it broke down through my mental stop so I had to pull the plug. In total I lost $290.

On to AAPL...

Today I did something I haven't done in a LONG time... I bought call options to play a directional move. And boy did I pick a bad day to do so! At the open I bought 2 AAPL July $100 calls for $28 bucks a piece for a total cost of $61. Yeah I know that's total chump change, but I believe we're going to $100 - and soon!