Month, Quarter, First Half... in the books

Where has this year gone people?!?!?

Are you guys as shocked as I am that we're half way through 2014?! It's absolutely nuts!

I hope you have all had a great year so far. Myself, I'm doing alright. Despite a terrible June that took my Q2 in the red, I'm having a decent 2014 so far. 

My goal is to make between 1 and 2 percent of my portfolio value each month. I started the year with $20,000.

Here's where I stand YTD - $2,330.56, or an 11.65% return. Not bad considering my targets through Q2 were between $1,230.58 and $2,523.24. 

However, my Q2 was rough - here's a detailed look... 


Q2 Totals

Q2 Profit Target = $624.38 - $1,299.08

Q2 Portfolio Gain/Loss = ($173.29)


Breakdown of Q2 Gains

Option Gains = ($438)

Directional Option Trades = $37

Stock Gains = $227.71


Final Q2 Option Record

Q2 Record = 18-10-3 (58% winners, 32% losers, 10% assignment)

YTD Record = 47-19-7 (64% winners, 26% losers, 10% assignment)


June smoked me this quarter. I lost $684.34. On the bright side this is my first red month in more than a year. A positive I need to hold on to as I move into a new day, week, month and quarter.

For all you folks out there finding this blog for the time, I'm the Option Rider. I play with a wide open hand, for better or for worse! Please feel free to look through my open positions, my winners, AND my losers. Any advice, thoughts, comments or helpful tips are welcomed at