I deserve to be electrocuted... again and again and again

Alright, it's just a like band-aid... the quicker this sucker comes off - the quicker I can get past the pain!

Deep breaths... here we go...

I lost money in MO again

There, I said it! I'm a complete idiot and this whole transparency thing SUCKS! I am CLOAKED in shame!! 

BUT... I've got a plan! 

I am attaching an electrical device to all the sensitive nether-regions of my body and ANYTIME I think of MO (Ouch!) I'll get shocked with the intensity of TEN THOUSAND suns! So NO MORE (Holy $h!#!) MO (FRiGGING SON OF A...!) for me!!! 

Lets move on shall we (as I wipe the sweat off my forehead from the intensity of 10,000 suns coursing through my groin!)

I did FINALLY execute a picture perfect trade today. Back on May 29th I opened up a TGT July 52.50/55 credit put spread. I collected $610 premium on that play. Today I closed it out capturing $470 of the original premium, or 77% of it. This one felt good people. It was a nice lick and I needed it. That trade gets me back in the black for June, up $100. But unfortunately I've got a max loss coming to me in the SPY this Friday. So I'll be fighting an uphill battle the rest of the month.

On to DDD... Man this thing has come back to life over the past couple trading sessions! Today right as the stock was peaking over $54 I sold to open the weekly $55.50 call, collecting $45 of premium. I really wouldn't mind closing out this position, so if I get my shares called, oh well. If not, I'll just pocket more premium knocking down my cost basis even further.

Folks if you've been following me, I warned you! I'm laying it all out there. The good AND the bad. This MO thing is ridiculous, and it just reveals the rookie, emotional, think I know everything trader that I am.

I'm being real people, and hopefully someone learns what NOT to do by reading this blog!