Feeling stuck, and a bit nuts

I'm feeling stuck these days.

I just can't seem to pull the trigger on anything. My choices feel so limited. I keep looking at the same ole stocks and the same ole spreads and it's driving me NUTS!

But I think it really boils down to this... I just can't get my mind around this market going higher! I can't do it people. This market should not be going up, it's done, finished, over - right?! I mean, it's MAY - so lets sell and go away right?! Plus, we've got geopolitical crap in the Ukraine. Not to mention the market has been straight up since November of 2012, really since 2009. AND we haven't had a 10% correction since what like... June of 2012. That's 2 FLIPPING years!!!

When is this thing going to go DOWN?!?!?!?!!



THIS is the mindset that's keeping me in neutral. I am so damn afraid that as soon as I step back in and make some bullish bets - BAM! I'm gonna get nailed! Stupid I know, since I do have some bullish plays on, but I just can't get behind this market.

And that's MY problem, not the markets' and certainly not the bulls'.

It's nut how my mind can get so fixated on a particular thesis or belief. And by gosh, I will hold on to that belief in the face of loss after loss after loss until I FINALLY admit I'm wrong. 

That's just stupid. 

Folks, there's a FINE line between conviction and stupidity, and I flirt with it daily.

I guess the lesson here is this, be flexible, read the charts, keep emotion out of it and for the love of everything holy - admit when you're wrong.

So, that's what I'm doing. I'm wrong, we're clearly NOT getting a massive 10% drop anytime soon. It's time to tweak my strategy a bit and look for new set-ups that work in this environment.