Quick Update :: Tough month in the making

I'm still overseas, but I wanted to take a minute and update my month.

I booked a nice 30% profit in my TWTR call. I got SUPER lucky and sold the day BEFORE the 9% drop!! I also closed out my KO stock position @ 44.63 for a good gain. Lastly, I collected some WFM dividends.

However all that was CRUSHED by two big MAX LOSSES I took at expiration. AFL and ESV absolutely SMOKED ME! You can read about both losses right here in my YTD loss analysis. They're losses #29 and #30.

As a result I gave back more than HALF my YTD gains. For the year I'm currently up $1,175.28... a 5.88% return on my original $20,000 investment.

You can take a deeper look at my YTD performance AND current positions HERE. You'll also see that I set up some bear call spreads last week in the SPY, IWM and GM.